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The word Capsicum comes from the Greek kapto, meaning "to bite"
(a reference to pungency or heat).
In Mexico, Central American and the southwestern U.S.A., a Capsicum is called a Chile pepper. In India we call it Shimla Mirch also.


Generally the capsicums are of Green colours, but we are also dealing in the various varities of coloured capsicums like… Green, Red, Golden Yellow, Off White,
Dark Brown
, Blackish Violet
etc. which is unique in the market of Indian Capsicums.

We have four grades of capsicums like… Export Quality, A, B & C grades. The grades are decided on the Size, Shining, Stiffness & Weight of capsicums.
The taste of capsicums are not so hot, so anyone can eat it without burning the tongue. Some Capsicums like Red & Yellow tastes little sweet & sour. The red & Yellow capsicums can add great colour to various food dishes like Pizza, Kababs, Veg. Salads, Backed Dishes etc.

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